Urban Uplift


Richard Ranta

ENDS 401

A "Bendpak PL-14000" parking lift located along Vancouver's Eihu Lane is repurposed to serve as a commercial cotton candy attraction and a residence for the vendor. The parking lift's vehicle platform becomes a pedestrian elevator which raises the vendor and their customers through a series of vertically distributed planes. Depending on the specific elevation of the platform when it stops, the structure's various planes accommodate different commercial and residential functions. During commercial operation, each plane contributes to the overall process of creating cotton candy, starting with hand-washing, selection of colors and flavors, spinning of the sugar, and eventual consumption. After hours the planes become residential, with originally commercial appliances such as the wash-basin now serving as a shower for the vendor. The motion of the lift creates an urban spectacle for the hundreds of neighboring apartments which look down towards the site. Meanwhile, a tensile facade blurs and distorts these views, creating intrigue while also allowing more anonymous occupation of this closely-watched site.