Vertical Park Social Housing


Madison Bartsch

ARCH 520

The aim of this social housing project is to maximize the number of family units and public park space for the greatest social good in the rapidly developing Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood. Stacking a pool, a park and 90 housing units provides a public area equal to the footprint of the site while only occupying 1/3 of the ground plan. Inspired by Mies Van der Rohe's Lafayette Park Apartments, all units are dual-aspect and located directly within the park with ample amounts of light, air, green views, and access to amenities. Exterior corridors and vertical planting create layers of privacy within which residents have a pleasant walk through the park to their front door even on the highest levels. Shared bridges with front facing balconies act as spacious thresholds for neighbourly interaction. Units are designed to be efficient and flexible by locating wet programming within a thickened wall.