Wild Song


Emily Rachel Soder-Duncan

LARC 505

'Wild Song' is located on a former nine-hole golf course at the southern tip of Prospect Lake on the Saanich Peninsula. As part of ‘Basecamp’, an operational hub for Power to Be, the project creates engagement with local ecosystems and wildlife in an inclusive, multi-sensorial play environment, so that participants of the site can experience the positive impact of being outdoors and foster an appreciation for local flora and fauna. This is achieved by amplifying local ecosystems and providing multi-sensorial, immersive spaces as a way to engage with the environment regardless of whether or not the visitor is visually impaired. By amplifying the natural ecosystems through stream corridor restoration, connecting isolated riparian zones, and creating more biodiversity through a native planting strategy, the amplification of wildlife and therefore the amplification of biophony increases in tandem. 'Wild Song' is an opportunity for participants of all abilities to feel the wonder and dynamism of an immersive experience outdoors.