LARC 515
Planting Design
Functional, ecological, and behavioural theory and practice applied to planting design at different scales. Application of the study of human environmental response to landscape to planting design, paired with an examination of the aesthetic, ecological, and functional characteristics and uses of plants in designed landscapes.

LARC 522
Landscape Architectural History
Critical and historical analyses of designed landscapes and their relationship to constructs of nature, power, gender, and race, as well as competing ideas within modernism and postmodernism.

LARC 523
Landscape Architectural Theory
Examination of theories and discourses in the field of contemporary landscape architecture.

LARC 525
Research Methods
Introduction to contemporary concerns and issues associated with research in architecture and landscape architecture.

LARC 531
Landscape Technologies I
Introduction to site development with an emphasis on landform, grading, drainage, and stormwater management.

LARC 532
Landscape Technologies II
Introduction to the design and construction of hard landscape materials and structures in the production of contemporary landscapes.

LARC 540
Site Analysis and Planning
Examination of problems, methods, and techniques of site analysis, planning, and design.

LARC 541
Landscape Planning and Management
Integration of social, economic, and ecological values in developing sustainable urban regions.

LARC 542
Aesthetics and Sustainability
Exploration of analysis, planning, and design of landscapes to communicate about climate change and inform public awareness.

LARC 543
Environment and Urban Form
Exploration of the issues, ideas, principles, and practices of environmental quality and sustainability, and their relationship to the urban form and elements of cities.

LARC 551
Professional Practice
Introduction to the ethical, legal, and business context of professional practice, including liability, contracts, and contract administration.

LARC 553
Green Network Planning
Introduction to theory and methods of long-range green space planning for urban areas.

LARC 570
Co-op Work Placement
A mechanism to earn academic credit for relevant work experience outside the University.

LARC 580
Directed Studies in Design Analysis, Programming, and Theory
Independent studies in design or theory initiated and carried out by students.

LARC 581
Directed Studies in Landscape Planning and Sustainability
Independent studies initiated and carried out by students.

LARC 582
Seminar: Special Topics
Faculty-initiated graduate seminars on topics related to landscape architecture.

LARC 593
Landscape Architecture Seminar
Forum for the exchange of ideas and presentations.

LARC 595
Graduate Project Part I
Background research, scoping, and planning in preparation of the graduate project.

LARC 598
Graduate Project Part II
Design component, completion, and defense of the graduate project.

LARC 599
Research Thesis
Thesis for the Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture.

UDES 501
Design Studio I: Sustainable neighbourhood design
Design studio focusing on neighbourhood and district scale urban design with a particular emphasis on sustainability of natural, cultural, and economic systems.

UDES 502
Design Studio II: Ecological regional design
Design studio focusing on regional urban sustainability.

UDES 503
Design Studio III: Urban Block Design
Design studio focusing on issues pertaining to urban block scale design, with a particular emphasis on three-dimensional urban space making.

UDES 504
History and Theory of Urban Design
An examination of how ideas have influenced designs of the city and how urban design has responded to and influenced larger cultural trends.