During your time at SALA, we offer a variety of opportunities outside of the regular curriculum that will enhance your academic experience. You can use these opportunities to compliment your coursework and expand the scope of your program. We offer these options to support diverse student interests, prepare students for a wide variety of roles, and enhance student life.

Co-op is an optional component of the MArch, MLA, and BDes programs. It is an excellent way to integrate academic studies with work experience, and offers practical experience and networking opportunities in your chosen field. 

Direct, hands-on experience in design and construction is an extraordinary learning opportunity for young designers. We are committed to providing these possibilities through various design-build options open to architecture, landscape architecture, and bachelor of design students. 

Directed studies are student-led research projects. They are a way to concentrate on research in a particular area or work with a certain faculty member on a research topic. These topics often align with faculty research, and allow for deeper explorations while obtaining credits towards your degree.

The global exposure that study abroad opportunities provide you with is instrumental in preparing you for professions that are increasingly international in scope. You may also be able to explore international issues directly related to the context of your graduate project.

As a UBC student, you have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs at partner universities around the world through UBC’s Go Global program. At SALA, we have exchange partnerships with 12 universities across the globe