Your role as a design student doesn’t begin and end during your classroom hours. The studio will become your second home. Your classmates can become your closest friends. Your professors can become trusted mentors. While your studies will give you ample opportunities to explore your creativity, your life outside your courses can be equally fulfilling.

If you’re interested in a leadership role within the school, our student organizations have a number of positions open each year. The organizations are active in planning social events, like the long-standing Good Times. They also actively promote health and wellbeing initiatives to take some of the stress out of studio life.

There are a number of student-initiated activities over the school year, including yoga and soccer. If you’re interested in proposing an activity, contact a representative from your program’s student organization.

The eBlast is the best way to find out about volunteer opportunities, social events, and other ways to get involved with the school and the professional community.