Recent trends in the profession are demanding applicable knowledge in the delivery of green, high performance, regenerative or net positive buildings from recent graduates and practitioners alike.  This course will provide students with an overview of the leading technologies and concepts, related to regenerative design and development that can be directly applied in practice.  Focus will be given to the integration and application of sustainable design strategies that can demonstrate measurable performance and comfort.

The primary learning objectives of this course are: 

  • Understand the range of environmental performance levels achievable in current architectural and multi-disciplinary design practice. 
  • Understand key integration principles and technologies required for leading-edge, regenerative design thinking. 
  • Develop critical tools for the assessment and delivery of regenerative or net positive buildings. 

Content and Delivery 
The course will consist of four components that will collectively provide a detailed introduction to the successful implementation of green design technologies into built projects: 

  • Lectures focusing on specific regenerative design strategies and the challenges of implementing those strategies with varied consultants and clients. 
  • Guest lectures by local specialists, combined with in-class group sessions focusing on the collaborative process. 
  • Site visits to buildings that have successfully implemented one or more advanced regenerative building strategies. 
  • Assignments directed at challenging some of the greenest built projects by creating more innovative regenerative design alternatives. 

Pre-requisites: ARCH 511, 531 and 551 or equivalents

Open to the following student groups: MArch, Dual Degree