Join SALA and Inform Interiors as we celebrate the release of McIntyre House, with a preface by Doug Coupland. This monograph on the house of Scott and Corky McIntyre, designed by Robert Hassell of Hassell and Griblin, is the eighth and final book in the UBC SALA West Coast Modern House series. The series was established to recognize and document significant, endangered modern residences in the region. 
Architectural historian Dr. Sherry McKay is Professor Emeritus in the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Her work on West Coast architecture and French architecture of the modern colonial era appears in numerous North American and French publications. Dr. McKay was a recipient of a Killam Teaching Award and served as the inaugural Chair of the SALA Architecture program from 2006-2009. Currently she is exploring the the notion of “building fictions,” history told via the material vicissitudes and appropriations of architecture.