David Ley, UBC Professor Emeritus in Geography and author of Housing Booms in Gateway Cities

Larry Beasley, Former GM Planning , City of Vancouver and author of Vancouverism

Colleen Hardwick, Former Vancouver City Councillor and CEO of Placespeak.

THE LOCAL DEMOCRACY PROJECT is a think tank initiative of the UBC SALA James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments. We are asking what is the best way for citizens to achieve a sustainable city. Currently local democracy has been criticised for impeding progress towards this goal. Is this justified? Come and participate in this important civic event. Over the decades Vancouver has whipsawed wildly between providing more or less citizen participation in the development of the city. In this way Vancouver is an internationally significant case study for these ongoing trends. Come hear and make up your own mind about what model of local democracy is the best for creating a truly sustainable city.


Tickets are for in-person event only, no ticket is needed for livestream