GREG GIRARD in conversation with FRED SCOTT

While most people try to flee or avoid falling cities, Fred Scott’s work all too frequently has taken him to places on the verge of total collapse. As a BBC cameraman and filmmaker, he has worked in many of the world’s most heavily contested cities and territories. This conversation will explore Scott’s work in Kabul, which he has filmed falling not once but twice, once to the Taliban and once to US-backed coalition forces. While a “falling city” might be an abstraction or historical event for most of us, Scott’s experience of working amid the chaos of government collapse is a specialist’s rarity. What are the considerations before deciding to go? What are the decisions made on the ground? How do you gauge risk? This is a rare opportunity to engage in conversation with a traveler to a city that few of us have visited even in more stable times.

Fred Scott is an award-winning BBC filmmaker and cameraman who has documented war, political violence and social unrest across the globe. Working in collaboration with BBC colleagues, his work in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria provides an unmatched account of the contested territories of our day, including cities under siege and the aftermath of regime change.