Team PWL+MVRDV present their work as part of the City of Vancouver’s Sea2City Design Challenge

The Sea2City Design Challenge (Sea2City) will help inform a framework and vision to guide urban development and ecological revitalization in the False Creek floodplain, a highly valued and constrained urban waterway in the heart of the city. After an international request for proposals, Sea2City attracted nine proposals from a range of local, Canadian, and international firms. The two selected teams, Mithun+One and PWL+MVDRV, are exceptional, multidisciplinary teams that are work co-operatively with Vancouver and project partners to:

  • Explore coastal adaptation approaches that respond to the social equity, economic, and ecological challenges posed by sea level rise and coastal flooding
  • Investigate coastal adaptation approaches for sea level rise beyond one metre
  • Expand our toolbox of coastal flood management approaches 
  • Increase public awareness of climate change and sea level rise 

The PWL+MVRDV team includes:

  • PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc. 
  • MVRDV 
  • Deltares and Modern Formline Design  

Relevant work by this team includes :

  • PWL’s work on the Southeast False Creek Waterfront 
  • Ship Point Waterfront Master Plan 
  • MVRDV and Deltares have worked together on Beyond Lux (e), Towards Ecotopia, and Resilient by Design