PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.Arch., M.Arch., Yale University


Tijana is a historian of modern architecture, design and spatial theory with an extensive record of publications in various related areas: utopia, Soviet Architecture, Eastern European avant-gardes, and domesticity. Her first book, Modernism and the Making of the Soviet New Man (Manchester University Press, 2017) argues for a reconsideration of utopia in the East by showing that the centre of communist architecture was the individual, rather than the collective, and explores the technologies of self-fashioning from everyday rituals of care, to choreographies of movement and spatial economies of affect and desire.

Her second book, The Pleasure of Politics: Utopia as an Architectural Project, expands on the scope on the first one – theoretically, historically, and geographically – to discuss the long history of utopia from More to the colonization of Mars in terms of its architecture. Whereas utopia is traditionally discussed in terms of abstract ideological schemes or, at most, the spatial diagram, this book goes deeply into the correspondence between radical ideas about the sensorium and the nitty-gritty of the world’s material make, on the one hand, and radical ideas about social relationships on the other.

Tijana is also working on a project tentatively titled Communism, Internationalism, Nature: Utopia and the Non-Human, exploring the role of non-human protagonists in communist environmental politics during the Cold War. The focus of this work is the role of animals (as both symbols and “protagonists”) in charting global space, bridging in this work architectural history, cultural geography, animal studies, and feminist theory.

In addition to these three major projects, Tijana’s research portfolio, that of a scholar embedded in both the discipline of design and that of historical scholarship, spans different academic and non-academic genres. She was the co-curator of the Canadian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023, with the project addressing the Canadian housing crisis – Not for Sale! She has scripted film, directed TikTok and Instagram campaigns, written criticism of contemporary culture and art, in addition to producing peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Her work on a range of topics always connected by a keen interest in the relation between aesthetics and politics, has been funded by the MIT Presidential Fellowship, the Gerda Henkel Foundation, American Association of University Women, and others. She was the 2018-2020 Fellow of the University of Strasbourg Institute of the Advanced Studies, where she joined the Laboratory for Image, City and the Environment (LIVE).


DES 320 History of the Design of the Built Environment

ARCH 597 Themes in Architecture

ARCH 404/DES 321 Topics in Architectural History – Domesticity 1 (pre-1900)

ARCH 505/DES 322 Topics in Architectural History – Domesticity 2 (post-1900)

ARCH 505/DES 322 Topics in Architectural History – Utopia/Dystopia

ARCH 505 Topics in Architectural History – The Body Politic

ARCH 405/505 Topics in Architectural History – Architecture and Subjectivity

ARCH 404/505 Topics in Architectural History – Modernism and the Non-Human

ARCH 505/DES 322 Topics in Architectural History – Writing Women into the Canon of Architecture and Landscape Architecture


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