This library design explores the artistic interpretation of natural topography, the contemplation of other-than-human life and addresses that different types of information can be held in a 21st century library. The structure of the library is defined by a continuous spiral from bottom to top and was inspired by the current topography of the site which is sloped in 2, perpendicular directions. The circulation of the structure which is defined by the spiral is designed to choreograph a dialogue with the trees on the site, some of which were already there and some which would be planted. Each patio, study space and window is oriented to experience the trees from a new perspective as you ascend the spiral. The circumambulation of the tree in the centre and the continued dialogue with the others around the outside is a meditation practice and an act of contemplation. It creates a relationship between the experiencer and the trees which is fortified by movement. The spiral is interspersed by collections of books, public spaces and servers which store digital information. The dynamic spaces and variation of information typology are a response to the evolving role of the library in society as it changes through technology development and re-urbanization.