C-Shore is a pavilion designed and constructed by graduate students enrolled in a two-term design-build course at the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture led by Associate Professor Joseph Dahmen. Built of western red cedar, a tree native to the Pacific Northwest, the pavilion provides a place of respite infused with the fragrance of drying cedar at one of the busiest points on campus.

The project connects architecture with local material ecologies. The cedar used to build the pavilion was sawn from western red cedar trees reclaimed from a construction site less than two kilometres away in Wesbrook Village. In the upcoming year, UBC Geography students will work with a visiting sound artist to create a sound piece using recordings taken in the forest where the timber was harvested. The piece will connect the pavilion with the ghost ecologies resulting from material extraction.

C-SHORE was recognized at the 2020 Core77 Design Awards

After two years, the pavilion will be deconstructed, and the dried timber used to build garden planter boxes for Vancouver primary schools.

C-Shore is supported by the SEEDS Sustainability Program, in collaboration with the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, faculty, staff, and community partners. 


Joseph Dahmen

Design team

Brandon Da Costa, Marion Gelinas, Jose Gottret, Emily Kazanowski, Sarah Klym, Karen Lai, Jia Liu, Jesse Martyn, Zoe Pierce, Leah Porter, Chris Walker

Fabrication team

Laurence Crouzet, Emily Kazanowski, Sarah Klym, Karen Lai, Jia Liu, Jesse Martyn, Chris Walker, Hussam Zbeeb, Bahar Ziraknejad

Technical instructors

Graham Entwistle, Adriana Ermi-Sprung


Bush, Bohlman & Partners LLP

Sponsors + partners

SEEDS Sustainability Program, UBC Campus + Community Planning, UBC Sustainability Initiative, UBC Properties Trust, Alma Mater Society, Heatherbrae Builders, MyTiCon Connectors, UBC Department of Geography, Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, UBC Building Operations, UBC Parking and Access Services, UBC Wellbeing