GAA | Vancouver Summer Program

June 15 to August 30 Up to 2 per package open positions Up to 100 hours total, at $27.00/hour

Overview of duties

Basic administration and course preparation. Interact with students in classroom setting and assist students with design work in studio setting. Support faculty in the delivery of course content and join critiques of student work. Assist with occasional social programming outside of class time as well as airport pick-ups. Help plan and lead field trips and tours. Course runs from July 15- August 9. During course dates applicants must be available all-day Monday-Friday as well as occasional evenings. There is flexibility in scheduling prep-work.View the packages here.


Position open to those currently enrolled in a graduate program at SALA. Must be able to explain subject matter clearly and logically to students that come from varying levels of experience with design. Ability to effectively assist student learning by enabling different sets of skills, including oral and verbal communications, problem solving, critical thinking, and design synthesis. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Supportive, compassionate and patient approach with student learning.

Application deadline

How to apply

Please send a short statement of interest along with your resume and the package you are applying for to Tara Deans at