GTA | ARCH 517 002: Design Media II (Landscape Section)

Winter 2024 term 2 Up to 2 open positions 52 hours total, approximately 4 hours per week at $37.53/hour

Overview of duties

Provide regular in-class and several evening software tutorials. Assist in an informal on-call capacity during several dedicated evenings. Class meeting attendance is required.


Current MLA student; must have working knowledge of Adobe CS, 2-D drawing (AutoCAD or Rhinoceros), and 3-D modelling (Rhinoceros 3D); fluency in other related aspects of design media: sketching, orthographic projection, graphic and layout conventions; familiarity with use of the school’s digital output tools; not only be familiar with the mechanics of the software and hardware, but also able to speak to its biases, potential, and role in design relative to other types of software. Ability to help students actively learn. Ability to explain subject matter clearly and logically. Ability to effectively lead discussion groups that facilitate student learning. Ability to effectively assists student learning by enabling different sets of skills, including oral and verbal communications, problem solving, critical thinking, numeracy, teamwork, leadership, planning.

Application deadline

How to apply

Complete the online application form and upload a CV and cover letter.
In addition, students are asked to submit to with ARCH517 in the subject line, three digital media sample works (3 images only) focusing on either a particular area of expertise or a range of skills. Each drawing should be annotated with the software/hardware used for its production.


Please note that course schedule may change. Please refer to the course schedule for the most up-to-date information.

Please note, total hours divided equally across 16 week term. 4% vacation will be added to total hours.