GTA | DES 130: Design, Culture and Ecology

Winter 2024 term 2 Up to 5 open positions 156 hours total, approximately 12 hours per week at $37.53/hour

Overview of duties

Attend one 1.5-hour lecture per week by instructor and conduct two 2-hour tutorials per week with two groups of up to 12 students. Sessions will include discussion of lecture and readings,
followed by collaborative design exercises. Responsibilities will include preparing course
materials, managing group projects within the sessions, arranging critiques of design exercises, tracking student attendance, and grading design exercises, quizzes, and exams. Successful
candidates must be able to cover assigned tutorial sessions. Number of positions will be based
on enrolment. Successful candidates must be able to cover assigned tutorial sessions.


Current PhD or Master-level student in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban design with strong design skills and an interest in gaining teaching experience in a design context. Specific skills required include: Mastery of the course academic material. Ability to help diverse students learn effectively. Ability to explain different design approaches and methodologies clearly. Ability to lead productive critiques in individual and group settings. Ability to effectively lead discussion groups that facilitate student learning. Excellent organizational skills. Candidates will require excellent written and oral communication to be able to communicate concepts effectively and engage in design critiques in a precise and tactful manner.

Application deadline

How to apply

Complete the online application form and upload a CV and cover letter.


Please note that course schedule may change. Please refer to the course schedule for the most up-to-date information.

Please note, total hours divided equally across 16 week term. 4% vacation will be added to total hours.