UAA | DES 101: Introductory Workshop

Winter 2024 term 1: August 18 to 31 1 open positions 20 hours total, approximately 10 hours per week at $22.67/hour

Overview of duties

Provide support and assistance with course preparation and organization for instructor. Coordinate with instructor. Arrange course meetings.


Open to all SALA students that, at a minimum, have completed their first year. Candidates should have knowledge and experience of online teaching platform, including Zoom and Miro. Strong visual and verbal communication skills required. Ability to explain subject matter clearly and logically. Ability to effectively assists student learning by enabling different sets of skills, including oral and verbal communications, problem solving, critical thinking, numeracy, teamwork, leadership, planning. Ability to effectively support instructor as they develop course content.

Organizational skills requisite to schedule, manage, and communicate course times and structures.

Application deadline

How to apply

Complete the online application form and upload a CV and cover letter.