The four-year Bachelor of Design degree requires the completion of 133 credits. 

Typical course of study

Year one

DES 101

Introductory workshop

One of: 

DES 110

Measured architectural drawing

VISA 180

Foundation studio: Approaches to media

Two of:  

DES 130

Design, culture and ecology

DES 200

Design thinking

DES 220

Architecture and urbanism in context

DES 230

Sustainability by design

Reading requirement

One of ARTH 101, ARTH 102, ENGL 110, ENGL 111, ENGL 120, or equivalent

Writing requirement

One of ENGL 100, WRDS 150B, ASTU 100, or equivalent

Geography requirement

One of GEOS 102, GEOS 103, GEOG 121, GEOG 122, or equivalent


12 credits

Year two

DES 201

Design studio I: Context and site

DES 202

Design studio II: Form

DES 211

Design media I

DES 212

Design media II

DES 231

Site analysis and planning

DES 232

Material culture

DES 320

History of the Design of the Built Environment


3 credits


Year three

DES 301

Design studio III: Building scale synthesis

DES 302

Design studio IV: Vancouver (or design studio taken abroad)

DES 330

Structural systems and supports

DES 421

Design theory 


DES 321

Topics in Architectural History (pre-1900)

DES 323

Histories in landscape architecture


9 credits

Year four

DES 401

Design studio V: Urban systems scale synthesis 

DES 402

Design studio VI: Senior project

DES 422

Urbanism by design

DES 430

Environment, urban form, and infrastructure

DES 445

Entrepreneurship and ethics in design


9 credits