Prototype for Zippered CLT | Future Outdoor Learning Pavilion

Associate Professor Blair Satterfield, alumni Alexander Preiss and Derek Mavis, current MArch student Jon Ackerley, and Workshop + Digifab Manager Graham Entwistle were recognized with the Faculty Design Award in the Research and Design Category at the ACSA 2022 Architectural Education Awards for HiLo Lab‘s Zippered Wood project. The award “recognizes work that advances the reflective nature of practice and teaching by recognizing and encouraging creative design and design investigation in architecture and related environmental design fields and by promoting work that expands the boundaries of design.” The team also includes Marc Swackhamer and Matthew Hayes of the University of Colorado Denver. 

Zippered Wood is a novel take on wood joinery and material deformation, deployed to convert standard 2x4s into formally sophisticated building components. The project aims to intercept what would normally be considered waste lumber, such as off-cuts and post-demolition material and productively extend its usefulness to future generations of buildings.