GAA | Guidebook for Deconstruction of Light Wood Frame

Summer 2024: June 3 to August 15 1 open positions 104 hours total, 8 hours per week at $27.77/hour

Overview of duties

Stemming from previous work on design-for-deconstruction in light wood frame construction Professor AnnaLisa Meyboom and PhD student Kaia Nielsen-Roine have partnered with FII and CWC to create a Guidebook for Design for Deconstruction in Light Wood Frame Construction.

Part of the research for this guidebook includes developing a mock-up wall section that showcases specific design-for-deconstruction assembly details including window insertion, wall-to-floor connections, and roof connections. The completed mock-up and construction details will then be presented to members of the architecture and construction industry for feedback before the final development of the Guidebook.

We are looking for a passionate student to contribute to the construction, documentation, and initial guidebook formatting for presentation to industry. The student will be involved in the construction phase of the project and will gain experience in design-for-deconstruction practices, project documentation and have the opportunity to engage with industry personnel and collaborators.

• Assist with construction of light-wood frame wall mock-up.
• Create photo documentation of project/construction process to illustrate design-for-deconstruction techniques.
• Prepare graphics for presentation to industry.
• Develop presentation/guidebook materials for the industry presentation.


Current MArch student with familiarity with wood fabrication and basic power tools (e.g. drill, chop saw, table saw) as well as being comfortable reading and following construction drawings. A good knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator and Rhino is also required. Other skills which would be desirable include strong design and representation skills, good oral and verbal communications, problem solving, critical thinking, and design synthesis skills.

Application deadline

How to apply

To apply please submit your resume and cover letter with relevant experience and several examples of your work that showcases your graphic layout design capabilities to


This project is intended to further research practical considerations for implementing design-for-deconstruction techniques in typical light-wood frame construction. Design-for-deconstruction is the practice of designing a building with the end of goal of being able to deconstruct (rather than demolish) a building and maintain the useability of its material components. This is especially useful for wood construction to avoid the destruction of usable wood and to allow wood materials to cycle back into the built environment. This project intends to build off of earlier design-for-deconstruction research and develop a guidebook for modifying light-wood frame construction to allow for easy deconstruction which would encourage contractors to adopt proper waste sorting and deconstruction practices and increase the usability of “waste” wood after deconstruction.

GAA student will report to Prof. Annalisa Meyboom and will be under direct supervision for majority of work by Kaia Nielsen-Roine, PhD student and primary research assistant. The team will have regular meetings to ensure project benchmarks are being met and to strategize any project difficulties.