Isometric drawing of En-Trance Theatre

En-Trance Theatre Space, located on 2nd and Fir St in Vancouver, is a performance space that aims to captivate and intrigue pedestrians, inviting them into a world of artistic performances. Inspired by the organic form of a living creature, the design of the theatre creates an immersive experience that draws people in from the street. Once entranced by the intriguing form, pedestrians are guided into the main entrance by the tendrils of the theatre. The main entrance of the theatre is an elevator that transports visitors to the stage area, heightening their anticipation and excitement as they ascend to the elevated space. The stage itself showcases a distinctive shape reminiscent of a creature, serving as a central focal point for the performances. During periods when no formal performances are taking place, the underbelly of En-Trance Theatre Space can be utilized for intimate busking experiences, providing entertainment for passersby. This additional use of the space ensures that it remains dynamic and engaging even outside of scheduled events.