Design build

Direct, hands-on experience in design and construction is an extraordinary learning opportunity for young designers. We are committed to providing these possibilities through various design-build options open to architecture, landscape architecture, and environmental design students. The design build counts toward your degree as elective credits.

Gambier Island, 2015–present

On these design builds, students are collaborating with Camp Fircom, a 125-acre camp and retreat centre on Gambier Island in Howe Sound. In 2015, the students worked with faculty member Greg Johnson to build a small retreat cabin in the wooded fern forest adjacent to the camp. In 2016, they returned to build two more.

Rapid Prototyping Unplugged, 2016

Offered in the summer of 2016, students prototyped full-scale pieces of furniture from sketches to built solutions.


Help us grow our design-build program

Our goal is to create opportunity for every one of our 350 students in four academic programs to engage a design project from conception, to design development, to fabrication at a variety of scales and complexities. If you would like to support this very important academic goal and expensive undertaking that also benefits our community, please consider making a donation.